Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Spring Sweet Earrings

I'm excited to introduce to you the latest additions to my shop, these lovely dangle earrings for spring. 

They come in 3 colours, a deep and vibrant purple, pastel mint green and pale pastel baby pink. 
My favourite part about these earrings has got to be the larger speckled glass beads that remind me of  the jawbreaker sweets from back in the day.

Another great thing about these earrings? They are only £4 a pair!  For an extra pound sterling I'll ship them anywhere in the world. There will only ever be 3 pairs of these bad boys so get them while you can.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Adventures With Mum: A Photographic Journey

And now for something completely different : a photo adventure

For the last few years, on an annual basis, my wonderful mum has whisked me off to a new and exciting location for a few days where we've spent our time adventuring mother-daughter style. Here is a selection of snapshots from our travels starting with Marrakesh, Morocco

poor, skinny donkeys carry people and stuff all over town
the edge of jamaa el fnaa, the main square

great place to go if you want a basket

no rug shopping for us..hand luggage only

we're not too comfortable with the whole venomous snake thing

Now lets hop back into Europe with a trip to rainy Bruges, Belgium
yeah, we're those tourists

view of the cathedral

one of the old canals

taken from a boat tour, just before the rain came

the weather gave us a great excuse to take shelter in a bar  and commence drinking 8% belgian beer for the rest of the day with these lovely folks
off we go for drunken fondue
next day: a quick stop into france to visit lille 

it looks like a classy blackpool

                  And finally our most recent adventure in Spain. The main event is Palma de Mallorca

again with the segways, it's just how we roll

keeping it classy with cocktails at abaco

mum being showered in rose petals. this happens everywhere she goes

these lovely ladies are our new buddies
Now back to Granada for a final, weird farewell

believe it or not, this was actually part of my husbands birthday present.
what a lucky guy

it gets better. here we are bringing a little lancashire to andalcuia

Next year it's Budapest or Istanbul. Lets hope they do a segway tour!
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