Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring on the Terrace

The rain has finally stopped and right now it's feeling very Spring-y in Granada. 

We've gone from this...

 to this....

I really hope it lasts! 
So to celebrate we enjoyed breakfast in the sunshine on our terrace today. It's still freezing cold in our little igloo of a flat on the ground floor, so going upstairs on the roof is a good way to warm up.

While I was up there I thought I'd take the opportunity to take some photos of new, and some not so new projects.

You might remember these recycled glass pendants I've been working on, using broken drinking glasses and scraps of glass found at the gyspy camp by our house. I've painted the backs white to help the colours stand out and create more of contrast. Now I just need to make them into a necklace..

While finding bits of broken glass to use for my jewellery I took a stop off at this amazing view to have a bit 
of a paint

and this is how it turned out

I've also been working on my Etsy banner and playing around with different ideas. Here's one I've completed in watercolour

If I don't use it as the banner on my online shop, I might use it as a design for an actual real life banner for craft fairs etc. 

And finally, just for fun, here is a photograph I took waaay back of various flowers from my parents garden in Lancashire, sat outside their back door on a lovely sunny day. I had it printed onto a canvas so we could hang it on our wall in Spain. 

I've photographed it alongside some of the plants we have on our terrace here in Granada. I like the contrast between the plants of my rainy homeland and the succulent plants of the comparatively dry region we now live in. 

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