Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Little Pictures

Hola ladies and gents. I hope this blog post finds you well. Here's an update of what I've been doing this week. I've been making lots and lots of little pictures on spare pieces of card I had lying around. They are all done in watercolour and pen 

 Here's a selection to give you an idea. Please excuse the photography, I was blinded by the intense sunlight     on the terrace so this whole photo shoot was done with streaming, squinting eyes.

So then I had this idea. What if, for a limited time, I paired my jewellery with these little works of art so that when you buy something from my shop, you also get a nice little original Grace Galdo watercolour as a bonus. The colours or theme of the painting would be in keeping with the style of the jewellery, making it a kind of creative combo for no extra cost. I really like the idea of people having a little painting along with their necklace/bracelet/earrings/whatever, because it gives them a better sense of  who created their jewellery and I love the thought of my art being owned by many people, even if it does mean giving it away for free!

I started playing around a bit with photos for my shop showing the paintings with their corresponding piece of jewellery to see how it would look. I'm still not 100% sold on these photos and they may never end up on my listings but hopefully this will give you an idea of what it is I'm getting at.

         What do you think? Does the idea of getting a little painting with your handmade jewellery entice you, or is it just going to end up gathering dust or being chucked in the bin? I'd love to hear your opinions.


  1. Hi Grace! I would pay for your artwork - you should start selling it! Hope all is well :)

  2. Thank you Lindsay! I'm not brave enough yet haha but if this works I might give it a try :) Hope you guys and bump are doing well xx