Friday, March 29, 2013

Semana Santa;Holy Monday and Maundy Thursday

Despite several events being cancelled due to the rain I've still managed to witness a couple of Easter processions this week and I have not been disappointed. Monday's rain put a stop to Nuestra Señora de los Dolores' procession but not before we had a chance to see the start of the bizarre march down Carrera del Darro. Wednesday gave us more rain and unfortunately the popular Gypsy procession of Sacramonte was called off.  Luckily Thursday's weather was much nicer and we finally got to see what all the fuss is about in the perfect setting of our own neighbourhood, the Albaicin. So we took to the streets and followed Jesús and Maria around town for the day for the procession of the San Cristobal church. 

Here are some of Mondays photos taken in the rain on Carrera del Darro...

2nd from the front wants me to call him

having a pow-wow

And here are some snaps of yesterday's fun fest in the Albaicin...

the band getting ready for a long day

the lucky people with balcony access 

here comes Jesús

Jesus bumps his head on the telephone wires

a good samaritan comes to the rescue

with the black hats they looks like wizards

here comes Maria

the widows

the brilliant view from our friend's terrace

here they are hauling the virgin up the steepest hill of the albaicin, right outside our front door

So there you have it, the last few fascinating days in Granada in pictures. I've never seen the place so busy and packed with energy. The mix of grandeur, solemnity, and celebration have certainly left an impression on this foreigner. 

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