Monday, March 25, 2013

Feliz Pascua!

Hola, ladies and gents. It's a rainy Easter here in southern Spain and I've been using the grim weather as a great excuse to stay in and make some new pieces.

 I've been beading and fusing like a mad woman for months now but haven't made anything for myself for far too long. So when one of my favourite necklaces, a souvenir from the beautiful island of Saint Lucia, broke into a thousand pieces last week, instead of crying my eyes out I relished the opportunity to revamp the pretty wooden beads into something new. 
Unfortunately I don't have a photo of the old necklace, but to give you an idea, it was strung together with 3 dark hemp cords that ran horizontally across the neck. 
I've poshed it up a bit here with antique bronze chain and findings so it works for super casual, borderline slobby, day wear all the way to "getting a bit dressed up" night wear. 

And of course I had to add my favourite thing, these lovely leaf and vine clasps, to finish it off.

Since it's Holy Week, known as Semana Santa in there parts, the husband and I thought we'd get it started with a bang and sip some sangria by the roadside and watch the first processions roll by. So here is a sneak peek of the craziness that is Easter in Spain...

              As promised, I'll be posting lots more photographic bizarreness as the week unfolds. 
Fun little side note....the Spanish can't handle rain. The procession was called off and everyone ran back to the warmth of the church soon after these photos were taken. Lol. Hopefully the rest of the week will bring some sunshine so we can see more scary outfits parade the streets.

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