Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Treats

Earlier in the week I visited my favourite bead shop in Granada and came away with some right treasures. My favourite thing by far are these big chunky acrylic round beads in yummy blush tones. They remind me of apples.

 I've strung them together with some large pink glass donut beads and pale blue acrylic beads.

  I think the orange beads at the top really add to the fruitiness of this necklace.

    And of course it's finished with my favourite of all clasps, the leaf and vine.

It'll be up on etsy very soon

Here is another finished project that will be joining my shop, these dangle earrings made from Agate stone beads.

I've also got some ongoing projects to finish. I'm so super duper excited about this bracelet that is currently in the works. It's also made from the semi precious stone Agate, joined together with antique bronze chain and findings. When it's finished it will be a natural chunky statement bracelet that will go great with a party dress.

 Tragically I've run out of the head pins I use to attach the stones to the chain, so all work is on hold for now. I really can't wait to get started again.

And finally here are some new beads that were delivered to my house recently, these gorgeous Cloisonné Kingfisher beads. I love the deep rich colours used in Cloisonné and these are no exception.  I'm using them in a charm bracelet, the beginnings of which you can see here.

It's just the bare bones right now, I'll be adding more fun to this piece in the next few days and let you know how it turns out.

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