Monday, January 7, 2013

New Additions...

Happy Monday! Today is my last day of freedom before the daily grind of work (and finding more work) commences, so I've been spending it wisely and adding some fresh designs to my shop

This bracelet is made form aluminium (or aluminum if you prefer) rings connected together to fit flat on the wrist. It's mega lightweight and has a super fresh, lets-get-ready-for-spring personality!

This guy is my latest necklace creation. It's a fused glass bead (bought, not handmade) strung with a silver bead and wire wrapped together to connect to the chain.

And finally these funky skull earrings. The beads are made from turquoise coloured stone. Cute and scary at the same time!

And to wrap her up, here are a couple of shots I took when I was photographing the pieces from today's post. I flippin' love our terrace. I don't use it nearly enough but when it's sunny, which (don't hate) it usually is,  you can get a tan and use the fantastic natural light, even in the middle of winter!

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