Monday, January 14, 2013

Microwave Kiln Fun!

My favourite Christmas present this year was a new Hot Pot microwave kiln, much bigger than my old one. Thanks Mum and Dad!

 Ideally I'd have a proper kiln so I could make larger items and fuse lots of things at the same time, but because we never know where we are going to be in a years time it's too much of an investment to buy one here in Spain.  I can imagine that shipping a glass kiln from Spain to the UK would cost more than any state of the art mega kiln I could buy. So for now I'm microwaving. 

I love the new Hot Pot, I can fuse 2 or 3 things at the same time or make much bigger pieces than I could in my old kiln. It also came with some glass supplies like stringers, millefiori and lovely pre cut bullseye glass strips. 

Here a couple of my first creations with the new Hot Pot. 

Before Firing. I've layered all sorts of glass bits and bobs on top of each other to create a funky design. Notice how I've used fibre paper strips that run across the top of both pieces to create a hole. You can find out more about how to do that here

After Firing: After about 8 minutes in the microwave, with lots of stopping and checking, this is the final result.  I love how the individual glass pieces stay raised, but now they are very rounded and fluid looking. I've cleaned out the fibre paper which made the holes, so these guys are ready to be strung onto a necklace. 

Keep checking my etsy shop to see the finished product.

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