Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Next Big Thing!

If you are a blogger yourself you may have heard of The Next Big Thing.  It’s a chain of posts from all kinds of writers across the globe who are asked to answer a few questions about their current project. I’m very excited to be invited to contribute to the Spanish chapter of the Next Big Thing.

Lets start by introducing last week's 'Next Big Thinger' Derek Dohren.

Liverpudlian Derek is an artist and writer and has been resident in Granada for three years. He can often be spotted tramping through the city streets and wearing down his shoe leather on a never ending quest to teach English to the natives. He is the author of the magnificent and recently published The Cats of the River Darro, ISBN - 978-1478315537, available at amazon if you still haven't bought a copy!
Find out more about The Cats of the River Darro and read Derek's Next Big Thing post here

And now it’s my turn…

What is the title of your blog?  Art For The Most Part

Where did the idea come from for the blog? I am always creating something, be it a painting, drawing, piece of jewellery or other craft project. So I thought why not create a blog too, so I can showcase my work!

What genre does your blog fall under? I would say my blog is primarily a craft blog. In the past the blog has focused a lot on my paintings and drawings which kept me busy for years. Since moving to Granada, Spain I’m looking more towards the world of jewellery design and DIY craft projects. It’s a work in progress itself, another one of my creations.

What is the one-sentence synopsis of your blog? An exciting jumble of creation and inspiration!

How long do you spend writing posts for your blog? It really depends on what I have been making. I try to post several times a week. If I am going into an in depth tutorial of how I made a finished piece, the posts tend to be longer and more involved. That being said, often the photos on my blog can play a more prominent role than the text. If I am between projects I like to include tutorials from some of my favourite craft blogs from across the web and showcase other people’s gorgeous work. It all helps to gain inspiration and encourage each other in the art and craft blogging community!

Who or What inspires you to write? I love it when I finish a piece that I’m pleased with and I’m so excited about the results, it just makes sense to blog it! In a lot of posts I also include some crafting failures, the things that didn’t quite work out the way I wanted. I like to include these because people can hopefully learn from my mistakes and not repeat them in their own projects!
I also take inspiration from the crafting community in general. There are so many amazing art and craft resources out there, so often I will share those on my blog so we can all enjoy them!

What else about your blog might pique the reader’s interest? I have been working with recycled materials recently, particularly recycled glass bottles. Living here in Granada, the wine and beer is not only delicious but cheap too, so we do occasionally have the odd bottle floating about waiting to be taken to the recycling bins. I save it a trip and recycle it right here at home. It’s great for the pockets and for the environment! I’m in the beginning stages of making a jewellery line from recycled bottles, so my blog is bound to be packed with photos and stories about my new project in the near future.

Now it’s time to introduce next week’s Next Big Thing writer, Will Peach.Will is a 26-year-old Hispanophile who has spent the past two years shuffling around Spain (Cáceres, Granada, Santiago de Compostela, Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona) learning Spanish and documenting his experiences over on his site He's also interested in entrepreneurship and running location independent businesses. He's currently in Vietnam continuing his language studies through a healthy diet of Spanish podcasts, movies and TV. He plans to live and travel in South America next spring. 

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