Friday, November 30, 2012

Thread Wrapped Glass Pendant Upcycling Fun

Time for another pendant post! This little guy is made from decorative glass pebbles which I found in the fish tank section of a shop here in Granada!

I fused the glass together in the kiln so they joined at the top and separate at the bottom, a little bit like a wishbone. Then I wrapped wire around the join and created a loop for a chain or cord to go through.
Next I wrapped the two individual sides with royal blue and burnt orange threads and sewed in a blue button and a gold charm to bring the colours together. I'm a little bit obsessed with orange and blue, as anyone who was at our wedding in England will testify! It's by far my favourite pair of complimentary colours.

When it was finished I coated the whole thing in a layer of varnish to strengthen the thread and bring out the shine of the glass.

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