Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Melted Wine Bottle Neck

Morning all!
You may remember a while ago I posted a necklace I'd made by recycling wine and beer bottles. I fused the individual pieces layered with that lovely sparkly Dichroic glass in the microwave kiln.
Well when I was wildly smashing up bottles with a hammer for said project (just kidding, it was a very calm affair with lots of layers of plastic bags and my eyes were squeezed firmly shut due to a lack of safety goggles) I got lucky and ended up with the top piece of the bottle neck completely intact and just about small enough to squeeze into the kiln. I put pieces of Dichroic glass inside the bottle neck before it was fired.
After the first firing, the lip of the bottle split quite neatly and I was able to put some more Dichroic scrap into the split. I fired it again and came up with this baby...

It's pretty big and quite heavy. I'm thinking of perhaps wire wrapping it and turning it into a pendant. I'll need some thick heavy duty chain or cord to support it, so I'm waiting for my new supplies to arrive before I make a decision. Any other ideas for this blob of melted glass?

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