Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Melted Marble Pendants, Revisited!

This week I am revamping an old project, my melted marble pendants from the earlier days of my blog. The particular ones I'm working with used to look like this...

Unlike the rest of the marble pendants these were actually fused twice. I broke them into small pieces after the first fusing and put them in the kiln again to get the effects pictured above. I really like how the colours are more fragmented after 2 firings. I attached small bails and planned to use them as pendants but the bails I originally used had such tiny holes that it was hard to find a cord or chain to fit them. 

Then came my excited revelation that you can actually make holes in glass cabachons without a drill! You can read all about that here. So off I go again with the microwave kiln, this time layering the existing pieces above clear glass pebbles with the fibre paper strips in between to make the hole. 

What I came up with is much larger, thicker and striking glass beads. I'm so glad that the fragmented colours are still intact since that was my favourite thing about these pieces. Now I love them even more! I'm planning to make a statement necklace with these in the near future.

I've just noticed that this post is also a testament to my improving photography skills... I've still got a long way to go but that's a serious before and after!


  1. Beautiful glass. Nice work :)

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