Monday, November 19, 2012

Cut a Glass Bottle Easily

Good morning everyone!
Since I've started playing around with wine bottles in my jewellery I've found some brilliant uses for them across the internet. The main problem is how to cut the glass in the first place. For my jewellery I've found simply smashing them and using the individual pieces works great. But what if you wanted to do a bigger project? I found out there are several ways you can cut cut glass at home and it seems surprisingly easy.

Check out this video from an enthusiastic booze bottle cutter who uses a glass scoring tool with boiling water and cold water

Last night me and the husband had a go using a very small piece of glass, not a bottle. I don't have the proper tool that this guy has, but I do have an engraver tool so I tried my best to "stress" the glass with that. We ran boiling water than cold tap water over the glass a few times but to no avail. We did succeed in weakening the glass and causing a crack (nowhere near where I engraved mind you) and I managed to snap off a nice chunk to make a pendant.
So it's probably not the best method to cut smaller thicker glass, but seems to work a treat on wine bottles. I really like what the guy in the video is doing, turning the bottom half of the bottles into drinking glasses. Genius!

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