Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Drawings and Paintings

I'm taking it back to the old school for a moment here with some recent drawings and paintings.

 This one is a 30cm x 10cm watercolour that I've worked over with a black fine liner pen to create details in the windows and outline the shapes to make them stand out on the page.

30cm x 10cm watercolour outlined with a blue biro

This is another 30cm x 10cm watercolour made using water colour pencils (they are my new favourite thing). Then I've gone over with a standard black biro and filled in the individual spaces with a pattern of flowers.

I wasn't having a very good day so I made this water colour of a girl sat in the rain in Granada with all the colour in her life being washed away in the rain.  I've finished it again with a black fine liner. It seems I can't face watercolour on it's own unless it's accompanied by some kind of pen!

Watercolour with fine liner again. This is my take on the cave houses here in Granada. I've thrown in a few of the charcteristing pine trees that are everywhere here.

 The vase is watercolour with fine liner on a wood panel. I pressed and dried flowers from our terrace and glued that flat onto the wood, adding my own painted flowers into the mix as well. Then I finished it with a wood varnish. I did a lot of coats so it's ended up with a very wiggly texture across the surface. I quite like it but I think in future it's best to do just one or two layers and not get too carried away!

This is a pen drawing of the window in our old flat, where we stayed when we first moved to Granada

Apologies if this image scares anyone. I like making up crazy faces in my mind and this is my most recent creation done in black pen.

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