Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

These are a couple of drawings done for a Drawing of The Week contest some of us have going on facebook. I drew Elvis without pencil or eraser, only straight up ink. That's why it looks so rubbish. The other one is a drawing of a random person I found on FB whose name I forgot so I guess he will never see this...that's probably for the best.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Here are 2 of the first "Drip Style" paintings I completed, both in early 2009. Basically I have dripped acrylic paints onto a surface from various angles and let it dry. Then I have taken a fine liner and a bolder black marker and outlined the shaped made by the paint. I have also added shading to many of the larger drips to create a more 3D feel. My idea was to create a surface that was bold and textured, something that you want to touch.


This is a drawing of a wooden sculpture that was in the classroom during a Drawing 3 class I took. I'm pretty sure it wasn't assigned, it just beat listening to my teacher talk about the basics of shading with pencil to the Drawing 1 people who were lumped into the same class. Yeah, NOVA sucks.

Colour Wheel

Honestly, I hated making this. It took forever to mix the colours just right, and even then I managed to make a bunch of mistakes. I'm enjoying looking at it now though, so I thought it deserved a place in my blog.

More Quick Doodles

Here are a couple of admittedly terrible drawings of my friends. I'm going to save myself the embarrassment and not tell you who they are. Just know that they are drawn from photographs left at my house as part of my friend Amanda's April Fools prank. I'm just leaving them here to fill up space ;)

Quick Doodles

These two were done around a year ago after I had purchased some new India Ink fine liner pens that draw like a dream! I was so excited that I just had to draw something, anything! These are the only 2 I thought worth keeping.

Afterthought- Wouldn't these make cool tattoos?!


These were completed in 2008 as part of a Drawing class in college. There is a third panel in this series, completed in a purple pallet but I have no idea where it went! I'll be keeping my eyes peeled and hopefully it'll be making an appearance on here soon.


I made this one a few years ago using nothing but a black biro. I've changed some of the colour settings on my PC and I think I prefer the blue. What do you think?

Collage again

For these two pieces I've incorporated some decorative papers and expended on their flowing forms using various medium, such as fine liners, 3D paint (which is so much fun) and acrylics.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


These two pieces were completed in 2009 during a painting class I was taking at college. It was a challenge to replicate the boxes as they appear in real life- that is not my area of expertise. After struggling so much with the boxes, I decided to abandon this realistic approach and step into the wonderful world of simplification, which is where the picture with the boobs comes from! I prefer to work in flat colour when using acrylics as my lack of skill in this arena is obvious!

Wild Thing

I completed "Wild Thing" in 2009. It was a project given to us by my drawing teacher at college. It depicts my face as a 1 year old. The lines that make up the contours of my face are drifting off the page which represents the idea that our sense of "me" is constantly changing. I am not the same person I was when I was 1, and I will not be the same person I am today 10 years from now.


I created this collage as an album cover for my banjo playing sister-in-law, Danielle Saxon Reeves. You can check out her websites at... and
I have manipulated the image on my PC to create 2 different effects. If you look closely you will notice a few subtle differences in the compositions.

The Camel

With it's notorious past, this camel has traveled far and wide. It now resides in California with my friend Manny. It contains about a million different media, including acrylic paint and asian paper which acts as a gauze covering the surface, muting the colours. I used to call this piece "Morocco" as the imagery was based on some research I did on the country. Now I just call it "The Camel".

A Birds Concern

Completed in 2009, this watercolour was fun to make :) I used some india ink for the outlines, as well as a basic black biro which is great because it doesn't bleed.

Bleeding Ink and Watercolour

These were produced using watercolours and india ink. The first four are more like quick experiments in bleeding the ink that lead up to the final piece which some of you will hopefully recognise as Blackpool.

Old Stuff!

I am beginning my shiny new blog by posting a selection of work I have produced over the last couple of years. I hope to continue updating you guys with my new projects very soon!

These images are a transformation series I did back in 07 which depict nature taking over a city scape. Or urbanization taking over nature. It depends on how you want to look at it. I used a black fine liner and manipulated the colours on my computer.